Voila! Crepes a’ la mode, the Agile Way (2.27.15)

When I’m cooking with kids and using a French recipe, I like having at least one trick up my sleeve so it looks like I know what I’m doing.  For Crepes a’ la mode Day, I  decided to bring two.

First, I showed off my thermos and popped off the cap so the kids could smell and taste my special blend  of chilled heavy cream,  eggs, flour, and freshly-grated ginger–a divine concoction we would transform into real, homemade ginger ice cream, using Ryan’s mom’s awesome Cuisinart machine. Merci, Madame Shollenberger!

Second, I unveiled my secret weapon for the Wow Factor:  a precious bottle of crystallized ginger bits, capable of packing a big punch of flavor and plenty of peppery heat –the perfect accoutrement to be added at the exact moment the ice cream begins to firm up. Trust me, these little chips are adorable and tasty! Until they aren’t.

“Teeth!” screamed Alfie, who is missing a few of his own. He grabbed the bottle for closer inspection. “It’s a bottle full of teeth!”
Was I the only one gagging at the thought of a dental chair in the kitchen? Had any of these kids seen the movie, “Marathon Man”? Thankfully, somebody mentioned The Tooth Fairy, and then I remembered that ginger has anti-nausea properties. We moved on!

Making the crepes was a blast, and everybody had their turn– buttering the pan, pouring the batter, flipping each paper-thin pancake to reveal its gorgeous brown speckled crispiness. Then one by one,  the boys started to disappear. Logan exited, mumbling “Next time, lasagna!” and Alfie “Al Dente” toddled off in search of…floss, perhaps? Even Ryan the Reliable, usually the master of clean-up, slipped out the door without so much as an au revoir–just an excuse about having to go fetch lunch for Abby. Yeah, right. LOL.

That left moi…..and the lovely Askani, a most excellent sous chef. Hmm, two girls slaving over a hot stove? Two belles femmes left to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes? The sterotype was not lost on us. We concluded our session with a lively chat about why women will one day rule the world.  But that’s another story for another day.  :))

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