Meet the Champions of Chocolate!

On Friday, three of the younger ALC whiz kids–@agilealfie, @thewitchqueen908, and @likeaboss–showed up at high noon to make brownies, vanilla cream and hot fudge sauce. The culinary prodigies not only whipped up all three confections, but also had time to drink copious amounts of Nestle’s Quik in milk, sneak back upstairs a couple of times to play some video games, and return to make a HUGE mess–all in about one hour!

It all happened so fast, it’s a miracle we can remember any of the details, but here are a few of the highlights:

Q: What’s the fastest and scariest way to open a bag of flour?

A: Give @thewitchqueen908 a pair of scissors and she will stab the bag in the center so that the flour explodes wildly, creating a dust-storm that leaves a lovely white residue everywhere! When asked why she didn’t just snip open the top of the bag and pour the flour in a bowl, she replied, Then you wouldn’t see it on the table!

Q: How many children does it take to bust up one innocent little egg?

A: All it takes is @likeaboss, who managed to crack open an organic, cage-free gem with one hand! Ooops! As the yolk slipped through his fingers and dribbled its way toward the floor, we watched him catch the goop in the other hand, toss it in a measuring cup, and slip it into the bowl. Nice rim shot, well-executed!

Q: What’s the most heart-stopping way to melt butter, cocoa and sugar?

A: Put @agilealfie on a chair at a safe distance from the stove, hand him a sauce pan filled with ingredients, then light the burner. Hear him squeal with delight as he jiggles the pan and jokes that the butter is burning! Then observe the result: gooey perfection!

Stay tuned for our next adventure: CREME BRULEE WITH A BLOW TORCH! We can only hope that @timotree, @douglasawesome, and @kingthanos will find the time to join us!

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