Hey! The Agile Whiz Cooks Are Ba-a-a-a-a-a-ck!!!

This Friday @nhoopee made her glorious return for cooking class!  We decided to make an (easy, tried, and true) old favorite- pizza. @kingthanos, @heartabby, and @failspy joined @nhoopee and @ryanschollenberger to throw the dough and (hu)man the ovens for traditional and gluten-free (you missed out, @tomis =) versions of the classic Italian-American treat.

Great start to the year! The ALC whiz kids are tough AND talented. Nobody fainted–despite two preheated ovens blasting at 500 degrees–and @kingthanos and @failspy, our pizza veterans, serenaded us with “When the moon in the sky is a big pizza pie, it’s amore”! Newbie @heartabby ate his handmade pizza in a couple of bites and shouted, “Not bad, not good, I LOVE it!”

No official taste test this time, but @nhoopee gave a thumbs up to traditional, and a choking sound to the gluten-free. Tough luck, @tomis, we challenge you to show us why soy flour and no yeast = pizza.

P.S. @Panda didn’t get a chance to punch dough this time, but we look forward to seeing him in October. 
Btw, we caught a glimpse of @timotree today, and hope to see @thewitchqueen908, @douglasawesome and @alfiealfie at their earliest convenience!
 Oh, and a big shout out to @ryanshollenberger for keeping us mostly well-behaved..and for his world-class clean-up!

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