Spaghetti! Meatballs! Four-letter Words!

On Friday, October 2nd, @thewitchqueen908 and @serenagermany slaved away at the stove, while @kingthanos and @panda joked around and played word games that involved human body parts and other stuff we don’t usually say in polite company. (Yes! Those words!) Even so, by the end of class, the group had turned out a spectacular bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. How did they do it?

Our kitchen alumna, @thewitchqueen908, plunged her hands into grass-fed ground beef. With enthusiastic help from n00bie @serenagermany, the gals added bread crumbs and egg, and shaped the mixture into perfect little globes of meatballness, ready for frying.

Meanwhile, our resident wordsmith, @kingthanos, sliced garlic and proved, once again, that GOBS of it are the key to any recipe’s success. Chatty @panda, a cook n00bie, volunteered for onion-chopping. The job had him in tears and the rest of us in hysterics. He even tried wearing @nhoopee’s horn-rimmed specs for protection, but the fumes were stronger than plastic. The waterworks–and the laughs–continued.

As a cauldon of water boiled on the stove, the kids took turns browning meatballs and stirring the bubbling organic tomato sauce. After 20 minutes, @kingthanos pronounced the pasta “al dente enough”! Lunch was served and proclaimed “totally awesome” by all.

But @nhoopee, acting all bossy and teacher-ish, had the last word(s). “Here’s a challenge: From now on, in the kitchen,” she decreed, “any and all X-rated words must be at least five syllables.”

Who will be first to pick up a dictionary or thesaurus? Stay tuned!

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